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Rihanna – Wild Thoughts Inspired Make-Up Look

Did anyone else absolutely lose their minds when this video came out? Rihanna looked AMAZING, and the song is one I’ve had on repeat all summer. There have been tonnes of tutorials and recreations of this look on YouTube and Instagram, and because it’s such a fun look – such bright eyes and a vibrant red lip – I had to recreate it myself.


Watch the video here!

Image result for rihanna wild thoughts makeup

It’s not super easy throughout the video to get a very clear look at her make-up, but it’s definitely a bright teal eye and a matte red lip. I went through my collection to see what I had and decided to keep it mostly one colour, with a little bit of shading on the outer corner for some dimension.



My NYX Ultimate Brights palette had the perfect shade of teal – very pigmented and easy to build. I then packed some of one of my all time favourite shadows – Mermaid by NYX – on the inner third and brought it right down into the inner corner. A little Americano – a dark purplish brown – smoked on the outer third, then I mimicked what I did on the top onto the lower lashline, added a thick coat of mascara and this eye look is complete.

She isn’t overly contoured but she’s definitely very bronzy, so I only did some light contouring and then went ham with a big fluffy brush and one of my favourite products for warm summer skin – Global Glow by MAC. I went for a very neutral blush and a highlight that wasn’t too stark, just a light wash that tied in nicely to the overall glow that the bronzer gave me.


Normally with such a bold eye look I’d avoid a bright lip, but because green and red are contrasting colours they really make one another pop, which makes the look more cohesive than you’d expect it to. And for the lip, I chose one of my favourite reds – Kylie’s lip kit in 22. In some lights, it looks like the red Rihanna is wearing has more of a blue undertone, but I think this colour works well for the look I put together.



I love this look so much, and will definitely be wearing it again! Would you wear it? Let me know! Thanks for reading everyone, you da best xoxox

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