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Full Face Using My Most Expensive Products!

Hi all! It’s been a hot minute since I came on here and posted a blog post, but life has really gotten in the way recently. I’ve been away a couple of times in the past few weeks, and then suddenly a fortnight went by without any posts, but I’m back with a super fun post featuring my most expensive make-up!

Now, I love all kinds of make-up. I love going to Superdrug or Boots and having a good old rummage for a bargain, I love browsing online for things I haven’t heard of and getting them delivered 3-5 working days later, and I also really love high-end make-up that makes me feel boujee and fancy as hell when I wear a full face of it.

Don’t get me wrong, I am well aware that some of these products are ridiculously expensive. I am also well aware that a lot of them don’t need to be this expensive, nor are many of them things I would repurchase now I’ve tried them. With the vast majority of these categories, there’s cheaper stuff I like more (which I have outlined in each category if I have an alternative) and definitely dupes out there. You don’t need to spend this much money on a few products for a relatively basic look. And the look I ended up doing was super basic, because it was a Tuesday and you can’t always wear glitter eyes and vampy lips.

The point of this post is not to brag, nor is it me saying that you need these products to achieve a perfect face. I don’t think you do at all; most of these products aren’t ones I even reach for often, let alone on a day to day basis. A lot of these products mentioned aren’t even what many would consider “luxury make-up” but they’re what I have and what I like. Most of these products I purchased with my own hard-earned money as payday treats or accidental *cough* splurges, but some were gifts. So yeah, this is not a brag. If anything, this is me showing a perfectly standard full face of make-up that can easily be recreated with drugstore/lower end products.

Having said that, if you love expensive make-up and wearing it makes you feel good, then go for it. Life is short, do what you want! Enjoy!

Here’s the finished look – super simple and classic for me. A warm, reddish smokey eye, simple fluffy brows, blushy cheeks and a pinky nude lip. Simple yet effective, and definitely a go-to look of mine.


Now let’s crack on with the products.


By Terry Cellularose Brightening CC Serum in Apricot Glow (£61, buy here)

Is it my favourite? It’s the only thing like this I own.

Would I repurchase? Definitely need to use it more before I decide but I am loving it so far!

Cheaper alternative? Haven’t got one.


BECCA Backlight Priming Filter (£32, buy here)

Is it my favourite? Not for everyday wear, but I do love it on a night out and I think I’ll get a lot more use out of it in the summer months.

Would I repurchase? Very probably.

Cheaper alternative? MAC Strobe Cream.


Giorgio Armani Power Fabric Longwear High Cover Foundation (£40, buy here)

Is it my favourite? I like it a lot but I don’t love it as much as the Luminous Silk.

Would I repurchase? Maybe, maybe not.

Cheaper alternative? L’Oreal Total Cover Foundation.


Tarte Shape Tape Contour Concealer (£27, buy here)

Is it my favourite? YES. Of all time.

Would I repurchase? I already have two back-ups in my drawer.

Cheaper alternative? Yes, blah blah, it’s impossible to dupe Shape Tape, we know! Imma keep looking though!


BECCA Soft Light Blurring Powder in Golden Hour (£32, buy here)

Is it my favourite? No.

Would I repurchase? Probably not.

Cheaper alternative? I haven’t tried enough loose powders to dupe this!


Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powder in Dim Light (£40, buy here)

Is it my favourite? Yes, second only to my MAC Mineralise Skinfinish Natural.

Would I repurchase? Yes, but I’m nowhere close to hitting pan so hopefully I won’t have to for a while.

Cheaper alternative? NYX HD Finishing Powder.


Chanel Soleil Tan De Chanel Bronzer (£36, buy here)

Is it my favourite? No, I prefer powder bronzers in all honesty. This is the only cream bronzer I actually own.

Would I repurchase? No, but there’s so much in here I doubt I’ll ever need to anyway.

Cheaper alternative? I’ve never tried anything like this!


Charlotte Tilbury Filmstar Bronze and Glow in Fair-Medium (£49, buy here)

Is it my favourite? Of all time.

Would I repurchase? Yes, and I’m about to hit pan so I’ll probably have to in the next year or so.

Cheaper alternative? Make-Up Geek Contour Pan in Love Triangle.


Too Faced Love Flush Long-Lasting 16-Hour Blush in Love Hangover (£25, buy here)

Is it my favourite? No, but I think that’s down to the colour – I only really wear it in winter.

Would I repurchase? Nah.

Cheaper alternatives? Sleek Make-Up blusher in Flamingo.


Cover FX Custom Enhancer Drops in Moonlight (£34, buy here)

Is it my favourite? Liquid highlight? Yes. Highlight ever? No.

Would I repurchase? I would, but you need so little and you get so much product I doubt I’ll need to.

Cheaper alternatives? Maybelline Master Strobing Liquid.


BECCA Shimmering Skin Perfector in Champagne Pop (£32, buy here)

Is it my favourite? YES.

Would I repurchase? I have two so I probably won’t have to.

Cheaper alternatives? None I’ve found 😦


Benefit Air Patrol BB Cream Eyelid Primer (£24, buy here)

Is it my favourite? No, I much prefer my MAC Painterly Paint Pot.

Would I repurchase? No.

Cheaper alternatives? The MAC Paint Pots or your concealer of choice.


Manny MUA x Make-Up Geek Palette (£54, no longer available)

Is it my favourite? Hell yes. I use this almost every day.

Would I repurchase? I can’t 😦

Cheaper alternatives? You can buy 4/5 of these as singles from Make-Up Geek anyway, but I’d also go with the ABH Modern Renaissance palette if you want similar shades (minus the one in the bottom left corner).


Tarte Maneater Magnetic Mascara (£19, buy here)

Is it my favourite? Now it’s dried down a bit I like it a lot more, but of all time, no.

Would I repurchase? No.

Cheaper alternatives? Maybelline Lash Sensational Mascara.


Charlotte Tilbury Legendary Brows Brow Gel in Linda (£18.50, buy here)

Is it my favourite? The brush is, the product isn’t.

Would I repurchase? Probably not.

Cheaper alternatives? L’Oreal Brow Artist Plumper in Dark Brunette.


Charlotte Tilbury Lip Cheat in Pillow Talk  (£16, buy here) / Charlotte Tilbury Hot Lips Lipstick in Kim K.W (£24, buy here)

Is it my favourite? Yes, that’s my second of the lipliners and I’ve worn the lipstick almost every single day since purchasing it.

Would I repurchase? Absolutely.

Cheaper alternatives? NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream in Athens.


The total cost of this look is £563.50, which is absolutely bloody crazy money, let’s be honest here. Now obviously this isn’t just stuff I’ve picked up at once, this is a good couple of years of purchases and gifts. But still, nothing about this look says it’s worth over £500, come on. Especially because, flicking back, only 4 or 5 products are ones I’d consider my ride or dies, and almost all of these I have a drugstore or cheaper alternative for. Some I would repurchase, and some… well. I know I’m only using some of these because I paid so much for them. It happens.

Man, I really need to chill when it comes to buying make-up.

What are your most expensive products and do you think they’re worth the money? Let me know in the comments below! Thanks for reading, you da best xoxox

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