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Fave Finds – February

February has definitely been a month of rediscoveries and old favourites for me. I’ve been trying (and failing) to limit how much money I’ve been spending on make-up because my collection has gotten to the point where things that were holy grails for me six months ago are getting lost behind new purchases, and as such I’ve only included one new purchase in here because, well, I couldn’t not. But this does mean that everything else I’ve included is a real tried and true favourite, so let’s crack on!

Let’s start with the new.

Stila Magnificent Metals Liquid Eyeshadow in Kitten Karma (£23, buy here)


The hype about these products has been real, and I have to say, at the beginning I didn’t really get it. When I applied this for the first time there just seemed to be so much fall-out, which I wasn’t a big fan of, and it dried super quickly. I found it a little difficult to work with, but once you practice a few times and get to know the product it’s a lot easier.

I personally find it’s best to apply it one eye at a time, and when you go to blend it out I’d use a narrower, flatter blending brush – something like the MAC 217 or the Sigma E25. The glitter concentration in this product is high, and if you use a brush that’s too fluffy you’ll just end up blending it all up in your crease and getting it in places you don’t want it.

Having said that, once on the lid it’s bloody beautiful. I love a glittery eye but I hate the mess, so these are really great. I only have one shade at the moment, but I’m dying to get my hands on the black one – Molten Midnight – for grungy evening looks. It’s such a simple but effective way to amp up a simple look, and I’ve worn it about four times since I got it. This shade is great too, because it goes with so many lip and cheek options. Just brill.

Too Faced Hangover X Face Primer (£27, buy here)


Damn, this is one very empty tube. I’ve been using this primer for months, and this was pretty much the only primer I reached for last summer. Then new primers made their way into my collection, so I fell out of love for a bit, but now it’s back on and moving swiftly towards marriage, children, mortgages, the lot.

There isn’t anything about this primer I can fault. I love the handy dandy packaging because I love squeezy tubes but I also love the fact that it’s a pump; the combo of the two feels a lot more hygienic than a regular squeezy tube. I love the coconut smell and I love the fact that it feels very moisturising (it does contain numerous skincare ingredients as well, so it’s like an extra step in your skincare routine that’s tailored for make-up application on top), and it gives your skin such a healthy, summery glow underneath your make-up. I don’t have a bad word to say about this primer, it’s just fab. I’m so close to being out of it, and that makes me very sad.

RCMA No Colour Powder ($12/£9.74, buy here)


I know, I know. You’re sick and tired of hearing about this bloody powder that every single person and their mum raves about all day every day. I KNOW. But here’s the thing. It’s just that bloody good.

I’ve been leaning towards wearing cream products over powder products for a more natural look lately (not all the time, don’t get it twisted) and on those days I definitely reach for this. I’ve been using this to set my undereyes for a long time, but these days I prefer to use a denser powder brush over a Beauty Blender, because with a damp sponge I found it would often leave me with a white cast, which is not the best look. The packaging sucks (as you can see I’ve taped the cap closed), so I pour a little into the lid and then use the Morphe G2 to set my undereyes, then my huge Real Techniques MultiTech brush for the rest of the face. And true to its claims, your make-up does not budge, and it’s not too cakey or powdery on my dry skin. I love it.

L’Oreal True Match Foundation (£9.99, buy here)


I won’t spend too long on this because I’ve already talked about it in so many of my previous blog posts, but I’ve pretty much worn this foundation every single day since I got it. It really is a true match to my skin tone, it blends seamlessly into the skin, it looks fab even after a few hours and it isn’t at all heavy. It’s also an amazing price (and it’s almost always on sale), so stop making me harp on about it and just and try it for yourself.

NYX Ombre Blush in Mauve Me (£9, buy here)

I picked this up on a bit of a whim while in Berlin of all places, and I’ve been using it most days since. It’s such a unique colour and I don’t have any other blushes like it, and I’ve really been enjoying a heavier blush as we move from winter into spring. I think this is a great colour for that transition too, because it’s not too pinky but not too peachy or nudey either, and I just love the way that it can so easily be the focal point of a simplistic make-up look without looking too overdone. I’m keen to pick up a couple more shades in this range too as I really like the way it blends and applies (after my spending ban is over, of course!)

NYX Prismatic Eyeshadows in Mermaid and Girl Talk (£5.50 each, buy here)


Another hit from NYX for me this month is these eyeshadows. I’ve had both for a while, but after I did my teal make-up look earlier this month I’ve fallen back in love with these. Girl Talk (right) is such a beautiful inner corner and browbone highlight, and Mermaid (left) is just an incredible statement colour. I wore it a lot last summer as a stand-out pop of colour on my lower lashline, and I’m excited to create more looks with both of these through the spring. It’s a great formula of eyeshadow, really unique, and it looks so so nice packed on the lid with a damp brush to really amp it up. I’d definitely recommend picking a couple up.

TheBalm Bahama Mama Bronzer (£17.50, buy here)

I love this bronzer so much! I got it for Christmas last year and I’ve only really got into using it recently, but it’s another one of those effortless products that I can just wack on with a huge brush all over the perimeters of my face and it just looks great. It’s warm but not too warm, and I feel like this is just such a universal shade for light to medium skin tones. It blends well both onto skin and on top of powder, and it’s also a great crease colour on days you’re doing very simple make-up. Not much else to say, really, because it’s not world-changing, but it is really bloody good and easy, so I’ve been reaching for it loads.

That’s all for this month! I’m guessing my March faves will be of a similar vein because I’m on a spending ban, and I’m actually quite excited to shop my stash and rediscover more old favourites that have gotten lost. I’m also planning on doing another declutter this month, so hopefully I’d get reacquainted with some old loves while chucking out the old rubbish. Thanks for reading, peace out!

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