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Treat Yo Self 2017 – a very spendy weekend


Last weekend was a very spendy weekend for me. It was lovely – a good friend (but bad influence) came to visit for a couple of days, and we had such a fab time eating, drinking cocktails, catching up, and of course buying lots of make-up.

Yep, I did some damage. But I’ve just booked to go to Australia for the summer, so finances need to be reigned in a little bit from now on. So I’m considering these purchases to be a final blow-out (at least for a couple of months, I am only human) before my self-imposed March spending ban, and because of that I made some rather significant purchases, stuff that has been on my To Buy list for a long time (well, mostly). I’m now going to write a list of the further purchases I want to make, and I’m going to force myself to stick to it in order to save money and make sure I’m being wiser and less impulsive.

Let’s hope I stick to this…

So let’s crack on with what I picked up!

Before the weekend began, I did see that my holy grail concealer, the Tarte Shape Tape, was back in stock on, so I picked up two of those and they should be coming next week! My current tube is running dangerously low, so I’m excited not to have to ration my stash!

Kiko Milano Extra Sculpt Volume Mascara (£3.90, buy here

I’ve wanted to pick up this mascara for the longest time, partly because I’m always in the market for new mascaras, and partly because it’s my favourite YouTuber KathleenLights’ all-time fave. And when we walked past the Kiko shop and I spotted a big sign that read MASCARAS £3.90 I decided there was no time like the present.

I really like this mascara so far. I’ve used it twice and I have found it really nice and volumising, and that it doesn’t flake on my bottom lashes. The wand is like an hourglass shape (not dissimilar to that of the Too Faced Better Than Sex) which really helps, and it’s thickening while not being clumpy. I’m excited to see how this works with false lashes, which I haven’t tried yet, but all in all I’m very impressed, and it was an absolute steal.

Oh, if only everything else had been this cheap.

MAC Prep & Prime Essential Oils Stick (£21.50, buy here)

I have wanted this product for a very long time, and I was super chuffed when I grabbed the second to last in stock in my local store. I get super dry skin and make-up often flakes off around my nose and my undereye, and recently I have been using a couple of drops of oil underneath my foundation in order to get it to settle onto my skin better. This doesn’t feel too greasy and is a lot easier to use as it’s in stick form. I’m excited to give it a try under highlight too, to see if it’ll help make it pop. Lots of possible uses, and if this doesn’t break me out then this little guy has potential to become a holy grail product.

Smashbox Photo Finish Primer Water (£20, buy here)

This is actually a repurchase for me, and it’s one I was keen to make pretty much as soon as I ran out of my old bottle. It’s so handy to have, especially if you’ve got dry skin, and I use it almost every time I do my make-up before I put on another primer, or just this if I’m applying make-up in a rush. My skin needs all the hydration it can get, and this is a really easy way of doing that, and it leaves the skin fresh and ready for make-up. I will continue to repurchase this until Smashbox discontinue it.

And it’s both silicone and alcohol-free, which is a huge bonus.

Pixi + Caroline Hirons Double Cleanse (£24, buy here)

It takes a lot of good reviews and hype to willingly take me away from my beloved Murad cleanser, but I caved and made the purchase after the Pixi rep in M&S talked us through this and demonstrated it on the back of our hands. It’s butter soft and it feels amazing on the skin, and it’s nice and compact too, so I don’t need to store two huge bottles on my shelf like I do now for a double cleanse. And I’ve been a huge fan of the Pixi skincare that I’ve tried – less so the make-up, but I’ve really enjoyed both their infamous Glow Tonic and one of their lip balms – so given the hype around this (it’s sold out everywhere, but you can still pick it up online) I’m pretty hopefully I will love this too.

I’m holding onto this until I’ve finished my Murad one, but I am very excited to try this because I really do believe in Caroline Hirons and her expertise, so I’ll review this product in full in a later blog post.

Chanel Soleil Tan de Chanel Bronzing Make-Up Base (£36, buy here)

Ohhhh, boy. This is one pricey product, but when I sat down at the counter and the lady put it on my face, I knew I was getting it. I have wanted this for so long after seeing very Instagrammer and YouTuber under the sun ranting and raving about just how good it is. I’m trying to wear fewer powders on my skin, especially as we move towards spring and summer, and this is a lovely colour and feels incredible to touch, so I’m looking forward to playing with this more.

It’s EXPENSIVE, so it’s not something I was going to purchase without trying it on, but the tub you get is huge and the lady at the counter told me she’s been working through the same product for nearly two years and she’s only just hit pan, so you do get a lot of bang for your buck. I’m going to have to try this with a few different brushes and applicators before I give out a final verdict. Apparently it applies best with one of their brushes (which can be yours for a sweet £38 – no thank you!) but I’m thinking I’m going to try it with a duo-fibre stippling brush first, and then I’ll set it lightly with another neutral bronzer, possibly my Charlotte Tilbury Filmstar Bronze and Glow. This is another product I’m keen to review in full, because it’s so pricey but so raved about. I hope it’s worth it, because damn. 

Only downside I can see is that it claims to be universal, but I don’t know who they’re kidding. I’m pretty sure that this would be a concealer on anyone who isn’t white, pretty much, and it doesn’t seem right to call this universal when it is so warm and fair. An interesting choice of words, certainly, so I’ll need to read up on that a little more before I give out my final verdict.

Charlotte Tilbury Hot Lips Lipstick in Kim K.W (£24, buy here)

I have stopped myself from buying this lipstick so bloody many times, and every time I go past a Charlotte Tilbury counter I swatch it, I try it on, I stare longingly at it, and then I walk away. But this weekend I finally made the purchase, and I’ve worn it every time I’ve worn make-up since.

It’s quite possibly my favourite nude that I’ve ever owned. The formula is so comfortable and feels like lip balm, almost, which I love, and the colour and the finish are just exactly what I want. Not too matte, not too nude but not too pink, and not too cool but definitely not a warm colour. I just love it so much and it’ll be my every day lippie for the foreseeable future. In fact, I love the formula so much I’m going to make a list and pick up a couple more after my March spending ban. This is probably my favourite purchase of the weekend – love it!

Giorgio Armani Power Fabric Longwear High Coverage Foundation (£40, buy here



I was looking for a new foundation after doing a massive declutter of mine. I’d seen this floating around Instagram and YouTube for about a week or so, which definitely piqued my interest as the Luminous Silk is my absolute favourite foundation of all time, but I didn’t mean to buy it, I swear.

Except I did, I totally did. I was colour-matched outside Selfridges and it matches better than my Luminous Silk does. I’m 4 in the LS and 3 in this, and this one isn’t as yellow-toned, which I really like.

I definitely need to try this with a beauty blender as I didn’t love its application with a brush, but I’m very excited to get a lot of use out of this. A little goes such a long way, and I managed to cover my whole face with one pump, which is unheard of. Obviously a beauty blender might sheer it out a bit, but I don’t think this is a day to day foundation for work or something. This is definitely one when you want your make-up to last as long as possible, but it doesn’t feel too heavy, which I really like. Again, DAS ESSPENSIVE, but you do a lot for your money and it does feel incredibly luxurious. A big fan so far.


So that’s everything I accidentally-on-purpose bought on my Treat Yo Self weekend! I know it’s excessive and a lot of money on just a few products, but I’ve been keeping money aside for this and it’s my last big make-up spend for a while, so I’m trying not to worry! Let me know in the comments if you’ve wanted to try/have tried any of these and what your thoughts are! Thanks for reading, peace out!

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