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Show and Teal – Greeny Blue Half Cut Crease Make-Up Look

Today’s make-up look was inspired by this gorgeous pigment from MAC that my cousin Hannah picked me up for Christmas. I was in the mood to play around a bit and dabble in some products that I don’t use very often, so when I was digging around my stash and found it, I immediately wanted to play.


I am really very pleased with how the eyes turned out, but I didn’t really love the way my face make-up or my brows went. I went to Superdrug the other day to buy mouthwash and deodorant and then accidentally tripped and fell into the make-up aisle, and inevitably I emerged with a few new bits. Some I’ve loved, some I’ve hated, some definitely need more work, so this post is going to chat through this look, how I got here, what products I wouldn’t use again, and what I would probably use instead.

So let’s get started!


I HATE THIS RIMMEL BROW POWDER, JESUS. It’s so, so difficult to work with and my brows came out the other side looking like slugs. I brushed them out like mad with a spooly but it didn’t make much of a difference, because when you touch the applicator to your skin SO MUCH comes off and it’s pretty much impossible to blend out to a cohesive looking shape. You might like this product if you have already quite thick brows, but if you want to try and sculpt your thin or sparse brows… don’t bother.

Aside from that, I love all the rest of the products. I’m already a big fan on MAC Pigments and this one is no exception. Gorgeous colour payoff, gorgeous application, happy days.

The only thing I can’t decide if I like these lashes or not. I think they’re a little too big for day to day wear, but I think they suit a look like this. What do you guys think?

This Tarte palette is starting to rival my ABH Modern Renaissance as my favourite palette of life, which is some real fighting talk.


The only thing out of this little collection I’m unsure about is the bronzer by Maybelline, because I think it’s a little too orange for my skin. Maybe something to come back to in the summer; it claims to be for blondes, so maybe when my hair is a little lighter it’ll be less harsh. Next time I’ll definitely return to my trusty Stila bronzer.

If I could go back in time and add more highlighter then I would. It didn’t show up nearly as bright and blinding as it usually does, which is a real shame. I much prefer Champagne Pop layered on top of a cream highlight anyway, because I don’t always think it’s the best for photography, so next time I’d probably lay down either my Cover FX Custom Enhancer Drops or my Maybelline Strobing Stick first.

Also, the Milani foundation is really really dark. It oxidises pretty much instantly, which I’d forgotten because I haven’t used it in a while, but I would go down a shade if you’re considering picking it up. This doesn’t leave paler skin girls with many options, however, so if you’re super pale I’d strongly advise against it! If you’re paler then the L’Oreal foundation range has definitely got you covered.


Ahh, Lolita, an oldie but a goodie. A classic lippie for any look, and I love it here because I wanted all the attention to be on the eyes.

Overall, I love this eye look and would love to wear it again, maybe to a festival or a concert. It’s definitely got a very summery vibe to it, so as the weather gets warmer I’ll definitely be cracking it out again. The eyebrows are a no, so if I do recreate it I’ll be going back to my trusty Benefit brows, and also I’ll probably pick different skin products!


Let me know your thoughts in the comments below, especially if you have any strong feelings to any of the products mentioned – especially the products I’ve slated!

Thanks for reading, guys, peace out!

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