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How to pack a travel make-up bag!

When you’re reading this, I’ll be in Berlin! I’m away for five days, and in that time I’ll be working but also sightseeing, eating, drinking, snapping plenty of photos, and generally having a really good time.

Now I work a job where I’m away from home a lot, and in my time in the role I’ve learned that packing is an artform, especially if you’re a make-up junkie like I am. It’s very easy to overpack very fast, then all of a sudden you have a make-up bag the size of a suitcase and you only end up using a quarter of its contents. There’s no point in taking too much and giving myself too much to choose from when that’s time I could be doing things out in the city, so here’s a quick, concise list of what I like to pack and why I pack it when I’m away for more than a couple of days. It includes stuff for day and night, for full glam or just enough to hide that jetlag.

It’s important that the products that you bring with you are your tried and trues. It’s never a good idea to take stuff that you aren’t certain of, in case it doesn’t work for you or your skin type, hasn’t got the longevity you want, or simply doesn’t go the way you want it to when you apply it. I also avoid taking things in glass packaging in case they smash, which means unfortunately my beloved Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation, my BECCA primer, and my MAC Pro Longwear Concealer all have to take a backseat, but luckily my make-up collection is large enough for me to find alternatives for a few days. I’ve listed a few ideas for each category below, and I’ve tried to go between higher end and more budget friendly options to cater for all. So let’s get started!

My three top tips are thus:

  1. Only allow yourself a small make-up bag – if you don’t even entertain the idea of a bigger one then you won’t be able to fill it!
  2. Stick to as few brushes as possible too – I try and use the same for blush and bronzer, for example. Two to three eye brushes is really all you need, too.
  3. Know what works for you and know where you’re going – if you’re going to a beach with 35 degree sunshine then there’s no point in packing a full coverage foundation, is there?!

I never scrimp on my skincare routine:

Then a couple of added extras (but ones I don’t want to be without):

Then we get onto make-up.

First things first, a good priming base

Foundations in a squeezy tube

Go-To Concealer (to double as an eye primer)

A One Size Fits All Powder (for both undereyes and face)

Brow Pencil & Setting Gel

A Blusher to Suit Every Look

A Buildable Highlighter

Bronzer over Contour

Small Eyeshadow Palette (that packs a punch)

Mascara (that doesn’t flake or smudge)

Natural(ish) Falsies (just in case)

One Nude Lip

One Red Lip


Thanks for reading, peace out!

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