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New from BECCA – yay or nay?

When BECCA announced their new primer and their new powder, my heart skipped itself a little beat because yes. 


I immediately took to YouTube and Instagram to find out more, and on first description both products sounded like my absolute dream. I’ve been using their Backlight Priming Filter so, so often since I picked it up a year or so ago, but this new one – the First Light Priming Filter – seemed to be all my priming dreams in one.

The Backlight Priming Filter gives the skin a beautiful glow underneath your make-up, making dull skin look radiant and lit-from-within, almost. Sometimes I’d use it when I wasn’t wearing foundation in order to make me look more awake or to make my very naturally red skin look a bit more blurred and even, and I loved it. But I am a dry skinned gal, so I couldn’t wear it every day because I did find it a lil’ drying after a few days of wear. But I wanted to wear it all the time and it smelt bloody amazing and felt so luxurious! So when I read about what the new primer was, I was practically dancing for joy by the end of it. It sounded like the primer of my dreams.

And, well…

The First Light Priming Filter is the answer to all my primer prayers. Rather than being a nudey colour it’s a lavender purple, which is designed for brightening the skin from within and neutralising any sallowness on the skin. It smells like lemons, it claims to make foundation last longer, and it’s got a list of ingredients that aim to hydrate and re-energise the skin all day long.

It’s wonderful.


(£32, buy here)

Normally I end up using two or three primers to get my desired effect, but this is literally the primer I’ve always wanted. I’m normally a little sceptical of primers that claim they make your make-up last all day, but this helped my make-up survive a six hour car journey, so you can’t get much better than that. It makes your skin just look and feel incredible before you put make-up on, and once it’s on you look healthy and glowy, and everything just blends on so smoothly on top. I don’t need to colour correct as heavily with this on, meaning less product over my dry patches and acne, which is also a bonus.

I’ve been wearing it every single time I’ve worn make-up since getting it and even though it’s pricey, the bottle is big and you only need a couple of pumps, so it’ll last you a substantial amount of time. Will I repurchase? Well, I’ve only been using it for about ten days, but right now I can’t see myself slowing down on using it, so yes, I probably would.

Now onto the powder.


(£32, buy here)

DO NOT BAKE WITH THIS, I REPEAT, DO NOT BAKE WITH THIS. I tried it using the same method I always use – damp beauty blender, light layer, let it sit for ten to fifteen seconds before dusting it away with a Real Techniques Setting Brush.Well, I tried that… and I had to wipe my base off and start again.

It claims to be translucent, but to be honest it really isn’t. The box gives it a shade name – Golden Hour – and for a bit I was confused. I hadn’t seen the option to choose a shade when purchasing it from Cult Beauty, but a quick Google enlightened me to the fact that there is only one shade. That leads me to believe it probably won’t be universal, and if you had dark skin and tried to bake with this the colour under your eyes would be way, way too pink, and if you have light skin like me the colour under your eyes will be way, way too dark.

However, I wasn’t giving up and, as mentioned in my two previous posts (First Impressions/January Faves) I’ve found the best way to apply this powder is with a massive brush and with a light dusting over the face. That’s when it gives the blurring effect it claims to have, and it sets your make-up beautifully. I don’t like to look too matte, and this powder is good for that – the golden undertone does give you a nice radiance, and it’s kind of like a heavier, loose version of the Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powders.

But it’s very easy to go overboard with this powder, which is something I don’t like. As I said, I did have to wipe off my whole base when I tried to bake with it, and I know I’m not the only one who has struggled to use it. I watched videos from both Casey Holmes and MannyMUA on YouTube, both influencers I really enjoy, after I picked it up and they said they’d had similar issues. So it’s definitely a face powder rather than a baking powder, but then again it claims to be a face setting powder, and the instructions tell you to apply it to your forehead, cheeks, and chin in a light layer, dusting any excess off the brush before you apply, so.

(They also advertise a brush to go with it, but it’s a kabuki brush and I really prefer to apply powders with something a lot fluffier to avoid it looking cakey. Plus… £25 on a brush I probably won’t enjoy… nah.)

It’s a huge pan, though, so it’ll last a really long time. I don’t love it, but I don’t hate it, and even though the packaging is very pretty it’s a bit bulky and it’s very easy to waste product. It’s not something I’d travel with, and it’s not something I’d take the time to factor into my everyday routine. It’s something for nights out and heavy make-up days only.

So that concludes my lil’ review post. The primer – two very big and bright thumbs up. The powder – meh. It’s okay but it’s not my favourite. I will continue to use it though, because lord knows I paid for the damn thing, and das expensive. Thanks for reading guys, peace out!

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